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How Bring itt Works?

Simple - Easy - Quick

Add A Travel Plan

Tell us where you are travelling to and when

Find Buyers

Automatically get connected with people
who want to shop internationally

how to shop and save with Bring itt
Deliver Parcels

Drop off the parcel at the destination and
mark it as delivered

Receive Your Reward

Collect the amount you earned from your free luggage space

Create A Request

Describe the product you want to buy from
an international brand

Find a Traveller

Automatically get connected with people
travelling on your specified route

how to shop and save with Bring itt
Make A Payment

Pay your amount to confirm your transaction

Receive Your Parcel

Get your parcel without any inconveniences

 secure payment methods on Bring itt
buy from online shopping sites with Bring itt
enjoy international shipping at lower rates

Shop Internationally

Want to shop internationally from online shopping sites like Amazon, Shein, Zara, Gucci, and others? Connect with a traveller on Bring itt, tell them what you want, and you’re all set. Our travellers are amazing people who can shop internationally from online shopping sites or pick up parcels from the given location. They take care of your valuables, charge you very little, and deliver parcels much faster.

 Verified users

 Buy now, pay later option*

 Parcel insurance*

 Faster international deliveries

Make Money Travelling

Travelling somewhere? Redeem your international flight cost by earning from your free luggage space. Simply connect with buyers on your route, deliver their parcels and collect your payments. Now travel to all your favorite destinations and potentially earn on all your routes.

 Secured transactions

 Add multiple travel plans

 Guaranteed and timely payouts

 Easy communication

buy from online shopping sites with Bring itt
enjoy international shipping at lower rates

Why Choose Us

Here’s what makes Bring itt unique

Verified Users Safest Platform Easy Refund Policy
Active Customer Support Most Affordable Rates Secured Payment Methods
find answers on saving and earning on Bring itt


frequent Buyers


Active Travellers


Products Requested


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Frequently Asked Questions

Want to know more about Bring itt? Here are the most common questions asked by our users.

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Bring itt ensures the safety of your parcels and payments for a secure experience with us. Our team is dedicated to making your experience not only convenient but entirely safe.

Yes, as a buyer, you are only connected to travellers that are travelling before the due date that you set. This is to ensure you receive all your parcels in a timely manner.

Yes, you can shop from all the international brands through Bring itt. Be it Gucci, Louis Vuitton, Chanel, Sephora, Huda Beauty, H&M, Walmart, or any other, you name it and you’ll have it. All you have to do is browse the website you want to buy from, create a buy request on our platform, connect with a traveller and they’ll take care of the rest.

Yes, you can shop from any international store with Bring itt. Make sure to provide the right product details and store address, and reward the traveller fairly.
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What Our Client Say About

“I ordered 2 shampoos from Dubai and a traveller delivered them in a week. I’m happy with their service. Recommended”

Nimra Butt

“I needed some items from shein on black friday sale so i tried Bring itt for the first time. Placing an order was pretty easy and the traveller i connected too Ahsan Aslam was also very cooperative.”

Hiza Fatima

“I was travelling from Dubai to Karachi with luggage space, I posted my travel plan on Bring itt and got 2 orders from there. Bring itt gave me a very good opportunity to earn while travelling with no extra hassle!.”

Aleezay Faisal

“I’d like to appreciate Aleezay Faisal for bringing my stuff without any advance payment. She also had them delivered through bykea to my doorstep.”

Mina Hashmi

“I used to order from online shopping websites that deliver parcels to Pakistan but they were very expensive and I had to wait for months to get my parcel. Luckily Bring itt travellers are much faster and charge fairly, which has reduced my shipping cost.”

Rushna Khan

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