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Terms & Conditions

Personal Information

Bring itt does not ask you for unnecessary personal information except for the ones that help us create your account, verify it, and connect you with the relevant users as needed. All your personal information is safe with us. We do not share it with any third party.

However, we will be sharing your information with our partners who help us make sure that you securely complete a transaction without any unwanted circumstances. This may include our insurance partner and payment partner.

Device Information

We may access the data of your device that you are using to sign up for our application. This may include device type, operating system, unique device identifiers, device settings, and geo-location data.

Exchange Of Information

At Bring itt, you connect with other parties i.e. buyers with travelers and travelers with buyers, which requires the exchange of information.

When exchanging information with another user you have to be careful with what you share. Bring itt only connects you with the relevant users but is not responsible for any breach or leak of information in that case.

Make sure to provide accurate information to not waste anyone’s time or money (e.g. international flight schedule, online shopping information). In case you don’t do so, the other party is free to take action. For instance, they can report you on the platform.

Fees and Payments

Currently, Bring itt is free to use as we do not charge any service free neither are there any hidden charges. Moreover, our payment system will be active soon, till then buyers have to deposit the amount directly into the travellers’ account. So make sure to keep a record of all your payments. Once a transaction is confirmed, the buyer and traveller need to discuss and settle on a suitable payment method and total amount.

The following components that make up the Total Fees must be contained in, and fully described in the Traveler’s Offer. When Accepted, the Traveler’s Offer establishes the final and total amounts to which the buyer agrees.

(i) Product Cost: the actual product cost that the buyer inputs in his request. This price should match the price stated on the online shopping website, from where the buyer wishes to purchase the product.

However, in case of a pickup request where a pre-bought product is being requested, the buyer has to input an approximate value if the original invoice/receipts are not available.

(ii) Reward amount: is the amount buyers agree to give to their traveler for delivering their parcels.

(iii) Per KG offer: the amount per KG that buyers opt to pay for their parcel.

*Miscellaneous charges which include, all government fees, tariffs, and charges for parcel delivery and duties are the responsibility of the Traveler. The Traveler is required to make sure that the buyer is aware of such charges before accepting the offer.

Rejection and Refunds

Buyers may refuse to accept the products only if the Traveler has brought incorrect goods (for example, specifications which differ from the agreement between the parties, in terms of brand, color, style, size, etc.) or the condition of the products is other than that agreed to between the parties.

*Buyers may not refuse items because they changed their mind about the transaction, or through an attempt to renegotiate the price of the items, or because they have found the items elsewhere*

Customs and Travel Laws

We advised all users to note that Customs apply to their parcels and this right solely lies with the Pakistan Custom authority. Furthermore, Incoming travelers must give a disclaimer to the buyer beforehand that their parcel may be subject to Customs duties and checking. This may result in their parcel being opened, checked, and inspected by the Pakistan Customs authority.

Paying customs duties and fees is the traveler’s responsibility. Please note that neither shoppers nor Bring itt is responsible for violations of customs regulations conducted by travelers. We advise all travelers to gain comprehensive knowledge of the customs regulations of their destination countries, and make the necessary adjustments for international deliveries, beforehand.

When doing so, both travelers and shoppers should communicate this agreement before delivering the item. Travelers should present buyers with copies of receipts for duties paid)


We are completely authorized to change any material on the application at any time.


We may revise our terms and conditions at any time without notice.

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